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It Was An Ordinary Day..

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This journal is for the fanfic I am writing entitled It Was An Ordinary Day.
This fanfiction is heavily based around Kevin McHale. It starts in spring of 2008, when he was still in his boyband NLT. That's where the first three chapters will take place. Therefore Travis Garland is lightly mentioned in the first chapter, but none of the rest of the band is and they won't be throughout the story. Dianna Agron enters the story in Chapter Four as a main character, six months after the first three chapters. Lea Michele and Jenna Ushkowitz enter at Chapter Five, they are in between minor and main characters. Chris Colfer enters at Chapter Six and will be a minor character. The rest of the story will be throughout the first season of Glee that goes from when they started filming in 2008-2010. I'm sure some of the other characters might make an appearance, but there is no gaurantee. I have no idea what direction the story is going.
This is the first fanfiction I have written in a VERY long time. The title of the story will actually make more and more sense as the story goes on.
I chose to make it RPF and also have an OC. I have searched and can't find a real place for this, but it was what I chose and I will thoroughly enjoy writing it, whether it's accepted or not.
Hope you read and enjoy.

I do not own any of these characters or people. They belong to themselves. This is all a work of fiction.
Pairings are mostly Kevin/OC. Also, Lea/Diana. Might have subtle Chris/Cory. Further than that is up in the air.
Rating bounces back and forth from PG and PG-13 thusfar. (Chapter Eight)
This is currently a work in progress.

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